everything works on time and its very easy control the thermostat from my iPhone

I have been looking at Nest for a while now, my neighbor down the road installed two in his house and he is pretty happy with it, he did replace his ancient mechanical thermostats so a big improvement I would imagine.

This has been the best purchase we have made in a long time. Definetly worth the money, who wouldn’t love having the house warmed up by the time you get home or when you get up in the morning. It learns where you want the temperature at certain times and we couldn’t ask for something more, but more products.
Fine and surprised how well it works with the IOS App. Controlling from my iPhone 6sPlus not a problem; despite some reviewers claiming so. I almost hesitated because of knowing Google bought Nest, and some thought the IOS (iPhone) App wasn’t good. I find it flawless; no complaints.

Took 10 minutes to install. We have a heating/cooling system that required a photo be sent to NEST regarding how our thermostat is wired. They were quick to send a detailed picture as to where the wires go. We’ve only had it for 4 days, so it’s still in learning mode. I already like the ability to use the NEST App to turn the heat down at night and turn the temperature up in the morning.
I have a two level family home with two cooling/heating zones. We have a conventional HVAC so it has all the required wires i.e.W, C, Rc, G and Y to connect to the Nest unit. I started replacing one of my existing Honeywell electronic touch screen controller (non WiFi) which has been working great for about 7 years downstairs, so the upgrade is based on my curiosity and affinity for new electronic gadgets.
Coming from the Nest 2nd generation (and the 1st generation prior to that), the biggest improvements with the 3rd generation seem to be the larger display and the farsight wakeup. The new display is significantly larger than the 2nd generation’s display. I control my Nests (I have two in the house) both from the Nest unit itself as well as the iPhone app.

Love the look, App and how easy it was to install and set up. So much happier with this than the iDevices product that I had before.

What a great device. It was simple to setup and install and looks awesome in our home. It easily connected to our nest cam as well. I would recommend this product to all of my friends and family.

Article Source: http://wifithermostats.website/



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